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connection cost according to operator rates


All varieties of tickets for Arriva RP trains can be purchased from our ticket offices at the Bydgoszcz Główna, Grudziądz and Świetakowo railway stations, from ticket machines at the Chełmża, Tuchola and Toruń East railway stations, from train personnel onboard our trains, as well as from Przewozy Regionalne ticket offices across Poland. Another option is to purchase a ticket using a smartphone via the SkyCash and moBILET application.

SkyCash allows for purchasing single-fare tickets using a phone for trains travelling between Bydgoszcz and Grudziądz, Toruń and Grudziądz or Bydgoszcz and Chełmża (more routes coming soon). The application can be downloaded at

The additional fee for issuing a ticket onboard a train is not incurred by passengers boarding a train at a station which does not have a check-in desk or if the check-in desk is closed.

The fees are as follows:

Issuing of a travel/transport ticket – PLN 5.00

Ticket legalisation and validation – PLN 3.00

Yes, Arriva accepts tickets purchased from Polregio ticket offices and PKP Intercity ticket offices selling Polregio tickets, and Polregio accepts tickets sold by Arriva.

The following types of tickets are accepted:

  1. single-fare and season tickets including statutory and commercial discounts
  2. tickets for group travels
  3. REGIOpass for passenger trains
  4. REGIOpass for all trains
  5. tourist tickets for passenger trains
  6. tourist tickets for all trains
  7. You and one, two, three
  8. REGIO card

NOTE! Trains operated by Arriva RP do not accept tickets with an 80% or 99% discount (for rail employees and their families). Commercial trains operated by Arriva RP as part of the "Multi Beach" special offer travelling on the route Bydgoszcz Główna – Gdańsk Główny – Władysławowo – Hel do not accept tickets (including tourist tickets) and special offers by other operators.

Of course. If you are in possession of a document entitling you to a statutory discount, you are eligible to purchase a ticket with the appropriate discount.

When purchasing a ticket from a ticket office or onboard a train operated by both operators, it is required to purchase only one ticket for the entire travel, provided that the Polregio train is a REGIO train (former passenger trains), and the ticket fee is incurred as if the route was managed by only one operator. You could call this a "combined" ticket.

In practice, when purchasing a regular-price ticket (without a discount) to travel from Bydgoszcz Główna to Grudziądz via Toruń (113 km), the cost is PLN 17.70 (plus a PLN 5.00 fee for purchasing a ticket onboard a train if the station has its own ticket office), instead of two separate rates:

Bydgoszcz Główna – Toruń Główny (51 km) PLN 8.70 + Toruń Główny – Grudziądz (62 km) PLN 10.30 = PLN 19.00. This way, you save PLN 1.30.

 A passenger whose travel beings onboard an Arriva RP train and continues onboard a PKP Intercity Train, and whose transfer window is shorter than 15 minutes, is issued a special ticket with an "Operator change" note, which exempts the bearer from the fee for issuing a ticket onboard the PKP Intercity train to which the passenger is transferring.

Similarly, if a passenger continues their travel onboard a train operated by Arriva RP and is in possession of a ticket with an "Operator change" note, they are exempt from the fee for issuing a ticket onboard our train.

In addition, your ticket contains information on "border stations", which are located at the borders of areas of operation of Arriva and Polregio.

The group travel offer is dedicated for groups organised by schools, universities, travel agencies, businesses, parishes, associations and care centres, numbering 10 or more members not including guides.

The fare for group travels is specified in the TOGETHER price list, and depends on the number of group members.
Group guides travel free of charge, provided that the number of guides does not exceed 1 per 10 paying group members. Group members are also entitled to statutory discounts, provided that they present the relevant documents.

Therefore, a 20-person group which purchases 20 tickets will additionally receive 2 free tickets for guides, a 30-person group will receive 3 tickets etc.

Please inform us about wishing to organise a group travel:

via email at


by phone at +48 56 621 22 26 (weekdays 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

48 hours before the planned departure at the latest to ensure that enough seats are available (e.g. during rush hour – peak commuting time).

After receiving your message, a dispatcher will analyse seat availability on the train of your choosing and, depending on whether enough seats are available:

 a) accept your request

 b) offer a different departure time, as close as possible to the original train

 c) reject your request

Group travels onboard trains operated jointly by Polregio and Arriva require:

a) submitting a written request via email at or by phone at +48 56 621 22 26, 48 hours before the planned departure at the latest to ensure that enough seats are available (e.g. during rush hour – peak commuting time)

b) after your request is processed and accepted, you will receive an approval number for your group's travel onboard an Arriva train

c) present the arrival number at a Polregio ticket office to receive a combined ticket for the entire route

A ticket should be returned to the operator it was purchased from. If you purchased your ticket at an Arriva ticket office, the ticket can be returned at any Arriva Ticket office. If you are unable to return a ticket at one of our ticket offices, submit a written claim to the address of our Toruń office.

First and foremost, do not worry. Our train guards and managers inspect the train for all items left behind and immediately send them to the Customer Service Office in Toruń.

A bicycle can be transported:

  1. in a bicycle-adapted compartment
  2. in the first vestibule of the first carriage or the last vestibule of the last carriage
    in the train's storage area
  3. in a carriage or area dedicated for travellers with more luggage

provided that special circumstances do not render it impossible to bring a bicycle aboard,
lead it to the dedicated area and place it there, e.g. due to too many passengers.

Bicycle transport ticket – the route and validity period of the train transport ticket is determined by the type of passenger ticket it is attached to. The price of transporting a bicycle is a flat fee of PLN 5.50.

NOTE! No bicycles may be transported onboard trains operated as part of the "Multi Beach" special offer travelling along the route Bydgoszcz Główna – Gdańsk Główny – Władysławowo – Hel or on Rail Replacement Buses.