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Help to Disabled Persons

Requests for travel assistance for disabled persons and persons with limited motor abilities, as well as assistance with moving within the train station should be placed not later than 48 hours prior to the planned departure.

Infoline for disabled people

(open Monday to Friday except holidays from 8:00 - 16:00)

56 663 79 22 - all telephone operators

801 081 515 - information line for landline numbers
22 481 39 48 - information line for mobile numbers

In the issues related to assistance (a request) please call appropriate numbers of the carrier aboard whose train the passenger is going to begin a journey/to travel. The passenger should arrive at the station at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled train departure.

"A disabled person" or "a person with limited motor abilities" is understood as every person whose motor capability is limited when using transport due to any physical disability (mental or motor, persistent or temporary), impairment or mental disability or any other reason for disability including age and whose situation requires special attention and adjusting services available to all passengers to special needs of such a person. These criteria are fulfilled among others by: persons moving on a wheelchair, having difficulties with walking, travelling with children, heavy or cumbersome luggage, elderly persons, blind persons and persons with low vision, deaf persons and persons with hearing impairments, persons wearing a cast on a leg or arm, persons walking with crutches or with a walking stick, persons with communication impairment, persons of small height, foreigners, pregnant women, children, etc.

In relation to the above, the persons listed above do not have to notify a train crew member of a lack of a valid ticket and are not charged an additional charge for issuing a ticket on board a train

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