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We have the pleasure to announce that from the 1st of August 2010 we have introduced in co-operation with Projekt & Parking Serwis Polska the option of buying one-time tickets using a mobile phone. moBILET ticket selling system is a technologically advanced, verified on the Polish market method of modern ticket distribution. It has been successfully operating for a few years in paid parking zones and public communication in a dozen or so of Polish cities, including Warsaw, Poznań, Toruń, Olsztyn, Grudziądz.

Buying a ticket using a mobile phone means a lot of benefits:

  • if you want to use a train, you do not have to carry cash or a debit card with you
  • you can arrive at the station at the last moment - forget about ticket offices or stressful waiting in a queue!
  • buying a ticket in moBILET system is really easy and fast, it takes no more than several seconds!

 How can I become a user of moBILET application?

  1. Visit and sign up in the system.
  2. After receiving a WAP message on your mobile phone download and install moBILET application, which will enable you to buy Arriva train tickets.
  3. Select a method of payment: (a) prepaid or (b) direct debit and then: (a) credit your individual bank account by paying in or transferring any amount of money or (b) set up a direct debit in your bank by printing a filled in form available after signing up.

The above procedure should not take longer than 15-20 minutes. We are sure that is worth spending so little time to gain so many benefits of using moBILET on Arriva trains.
How do I buy a ticket using a mobile phone?

  1. Open moBILET application on your phone.
  2. Select your departure and destination station.
  3. Select a kind of ticket (normal or with 37% statutory discount).
  4. The application calculates the ticket price.
  5. After confirmation the application will display an electronic train ticket (containing all information about the journey and necessary protection).

Sign up in moBILET system at - in this way you will always carry your ticket with you!
NOTE: Passengers can buy normal tickets and tickets with 37% and 51% discount for the most popular sections, whose list is available here. The detailed regulations for using moBILET system is available here.


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