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Change of carrier
We offer a lot of conveniences that will ensure your comfortable continuation of a journey involving a change of a carrier.

If you begin a journey aboard an Arriva RP train and then change to a Przewozy Regionalne train of REGIO class, you can buy one ticket for the whole journey that both carriers will honour. (excluding 80% and 99% discounts)

In the case of a journey aboard an Arriva RP train and a PKP Intercity train (trains of TLK, EIC, EX class) you need to buy two separate tickets. However, if the time to change trains is shorter than 15 minutes, you can buy a ticket with the note "Change of Carrier", which exempts you from paying the additional charge for issuing a ticket aboard a train.

No matter if you are going to work, school, shopping, to visit friends or just to spend some nice time out of home - we take care to ensure that the selection of a means of transport is as easy and convenient as never before!


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